Final event 12 April 2018
Final event 12 April 2018
Final event 12 April 2018
Final event 12 April 2018


ECOCHAMPS – European COmpetitiveness in Commercial Hybrid and
AutoMotive PowertrainS

The competitiveness of European road vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers is based on technological leadership, particularly on system optimisation and affordability. The challenge taken up by the ECOCHAMPS consortium of 26 partners, is to gain a leading position in hybrid powertrain technology. Extending the use of this technology will significantly reduce CO2 emissions from road transport and have a positive effect on air quality.

The overall objective of the ECOCHAMPS project is to achieve efficient, compact, low weight, robust and cost effective hybrid powertrains for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles (buses, medium duty and heavy duty trucks) with increased functionality, improved performance, comfort, functional safety and emission levels below Euro 6 or VI.

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Vision & Objectives

It is the vision of the ECOCHAMPS consortium to enable a viable business case for hybrid vehicles by extending both their functionality whilst minimising their cost. At the same time the ECOCHAMPS project aims to increase the competitiveness of European vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers by gaining a leading position in hybrid powertrain technology.

The ECOCHAMPS consortium aims to achieve:
- Improved powertrain efficiency up to 20%
- Reduced powertrain weight and volume up to 20%
- Reduced hybrid vehicle costs

The specific technical objectives, key innovations and targeted results are... Read more...

Partner Location

Partner Location

News item on Euronews Futuris – 18 April 2018

Euronews Futuris has broadcast a news item on the ECOCHAMPS project on Monday 18th April 2018. "A new challenge to make more cost-efficient engines has been launched in Europe," reports Euronews correspondent Claudio Rosmino. "How does this technology work and how will it integrate in our daily life?"
See the video for the answers.

Concept and Approach

The overall concept set out in the ECOCHAMPS project is based on the improvement of hybrid vehicles; light duty (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles) and heavy duty (vans, city buses and trucks).

The improvement proposed will be enabled by a high level of standardisation of components and modularisation of systems as well as from synergies over different vehicle types. Read more...

Partners about

Antoine de Saint-ExupéryAntoine de Saint-ExupéryDAF Trucks
As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
Enrico di GraziaEnrico di GraziaFPT
"With more than a hundred years of experience, FPT Industrial has always been committed to introducing innovative technological solutions which offer excellent performance, reduced fuel consumption and minimized polluting emissions. Within the ECOCHAMPS Consortium, FPT will be.... " Read more... 
Marco Aimo BootMarco Aimo BootIVECO
“In the ECOCHAMPS project, IVECO has been assigned the responsibility of work package leader of WP6: Medium Duty demo. IVECO will conduct most of prototyping and testing activity on Medium Duty demonstrator ....” Read more...
Theo GassmannTheo GassmannGKN
"GKN will be part of WP3 to define, develop, prototype and test the transmission unit for the P4-electric rear axle. Various transmission concepts with disconnect feature and/or 2 –speed option will be investigated in terms of vehicle benefit, packaging, scalability and cost..." Read more...
Allan Paterson Allan Paterson JMBS
“The EC support for the ECOCHAMPS project has allowed a great opportunity to bring together a diverse pan-European consortium of complimentary partners to work together, to define the technology requirements and challenges for the future next generation electrified powertrain and energy storage systems...." Read more...
Patricia HandelPatricia HandelSamsung SDI
"Eco-friendliness and clean energy solutions are the main parts of the SamsungSDI’s sustainability management program. Within the ECOCHAMPS project, Samsung SDI BatterySystems GmbH is responsible for the development of the lithium-ion battery for the heavy duty (HD)application..." Read more...
Benny LockerBenny LockerAVL
“In the past years AVL has been at the forefront of development of alternative drivetrain concepts in prototype as well as series production vehicles. Working within the ECOCHAMPS Consortium will further push the limits of efficient and clean powertrains...” Read more...
Christof SchernusChristof SchernusFEV
"FEV will use its expertise on hybrid systems and powertrain electrification to support the project by improving the cost of innovative electrified vehicle propulsion systems for a more healthy environment in Europe...” Read more...
Willem van DorpWillem van DorpUniresearch
"Uniresearch is proud to be part of the ECOCHAMPS Consortium and will support the project and its partners to reach its ambitious goals to reduce the environmental impact of road transport and increase its efficiency, while ... " Read more...
Gunter NitzscheGunter NitzscheFhG
"We are happy to support the challenging development within the ECOCHAMPS project with our experience in the field of hybrid vehicles from the perspective of a non-profit organization..." Read more...
Raphael HummelRaphael HummelIKA
“Ika is proud to be part of the ECOCHAMPS project and will bring in all its expertise to achieve the ambitious goals of the consortium...” Read more... 
Eleni AvaritsiotiEleni AvaritsiotiJRC
“The Sustainable Transport Unit, based on a strong experience in supporting the development and implementation of European Commission’s policies in the field of vehicle emission legislation as well in the assessment of laboratory and real-world emissions of CO2 and air pollutant...” Read more...
Martin BenediktMartin BenediktViF
“In ECOCHAMPS consortium, VIRTUAL VEHICLE focuses on modular vehicle system simulation while assessing and supporting hybrid component standardization activities..." Read more...
Mike ReeceMike ReeceQMUL
"The project will provide an opportunity to further develop scaleable rapid sintering techniques to produce fine-scale, polycrystalline energy materials." Read more...
Theo HofmanTheo HofmanTU Eindhoven
“New holistic methods for integrated system design of complex dynamic engineering systems is seen as one of the key attributes in maximizing the achievable performance. Eindhoven University of Technology is proud to be part of the ECOCHAMPS Consortium and ..." Read more...

Project Interactions

The ECOCHAMPS project interacts through its partners to several FP7 and Horizon2020 related projects. Furthermore, it will actively participate in the acitvities organised by the European Green Vehicles Initiatives of which the project is part. Read more...